Editorial Creativity 101 | July 24th 2017


Editorial Creativity 101 | July 24th 2017


Educator: Eric Garza  -  National L'Oreal Professionnal Artist and Master Stylist and Co-Owner of Chroma Color Lab

Editorial Creativity 101

Where does creativity come from? Can you teach it?

We think so! Join National L'Oreal Professionnel Artist and Master Stylist  Eric Garza for this light moment-inducing, inspiration filled styling class where he will employ critical exercises to help you unlock your inner hair-artist and more easily let your creative light shine.


With a mix of live models and demonstrations, Eric will aid you in designing and executing your own creative looks, then capture them forever in an editorial style photo shoot complete with a professional photographer.

Luxelab Academy classes held at :

1408 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, Ca 90403

Contact Colette Simon for more information at colette@luxelab.com or 310-255-9900

*To redeem L'Oréal Professionnel points Contact the Elite Member Services at attention Barb Bickford BBickford@us.loreal.com

Contact Colette Simon for more information atcolette@luxelab.com or310-255-9900

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