Balayage Cutting | August 28th 2017

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Balayage Cutting | August 28th 2017


Many of today's biggest trends revolve around a revolution in haircolor. Clients spend hundreds on these highly specialized coloring methods. Now, Luxelab has developed a cutting system based on enhancing the results of these coloring methods that is inspired by the methods themselves. And what's more, it can easily be incorporated into whatever your current cutting style is.

These revolutionary methods will add new depth to the way you see haircutting by creating structure within freehand cutting that is both predictable and reproducible.

Taught by Luxelab owner and 25 year educator David Abrams and his team, you will learn: Balayage Cutting, Contrast Cutting, Dimension Cutting, and Face Framing techniques that will surely set your work apart from the crowd.

Luxelab Academy classes held at :

1408 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, Ca 90403

Contact Colette Simon for more information at or 310-255-9900

*To redeem L'Oréal Professionnel points Contact the Elite Member Services at attention Barb Bickford

Contact Colette Simon for more information or 310-255-9900

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